Minimum Obligatory Functions for Indonesia Local Government

The Minimum Obligatory Functions for the Health Sector and the Related Target to be achieved by 2010, in Indonesia

(1) Maternal and Child Health:

  • Ninety five per cent pregnant mothers have antenatal care four times;
  • Ninety per cent births are attended by trained health professionals;
  • One hundred per cent high-risk pregnancies are referred;
  • Ninety per cent of neonates are examined by health professionals;
  • Ninety per cent babies are examined by health professionals;
  • One hundred per cent low-birth-weight babies are taken care of.

(2) School and pre-school health programme:

  • Ninety per cent of pre-school and school-age children are monitored for health care;
  • One hundred per cent elementary school students are examined, and
  • Eighty per cent teenagers have access to health services.

(3) Seventy per cent couples actively practise family planning.

(4) One hundred per cent villages achieve Universal Child Immunization.

(5) Health care:

  • Fifteen per cent people undertake outpatient care, and
  • One-and-a-half per cent people undergo inpatient care.

(6) Fifteen per cent of services are mental health services.

(7) Monitoring under-five children:

  • Eighty per cent under-five children show improvement in weight, and
  • Less than 15 per cent children are underweight.

(8) Nutritional services:

  • Ninety per cent of children under five receive Vitamin A twice;
  • Ninety per cent pregnant mothers receive iron supplement tablets;
  • One hundred per cent poor families who have underweight babies, receive supplementary milk, and
  • One hundred per cent under-five children who suffer from severe malnutrition receive care.

References: Regional_Health_Forum_Volume_10_No_1_08-Human_Resources_in_Decentralized_Health_Systems

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