I can’t Breathe!

My dear friends, do you still remember the situation when Jogja was covered by volcanic on 31 Oct 2010? The sulphur smell was so strong that I almost wanna puke. There was so much volcanic dust in the air that it almost suffocated me. Thank God, I have the facial mask that filtered the air. Now the disaster is over. The mask is out of sight.

My dear friends, do you still remember the fear we had when we heard thunders of Mt. Merapi during the eve of 5 Nov 2010? The TV media was broadcasting non-stop about the update of the eruption. The danger zone was expanded to 20km.  It was raining ash, and even, rocks in our neighbourhood! Thank God, I still have the house that sheltered me from the ash and rocks. Now the disaster is over. The volcano eruption news is also out of sight.

Mt. Merapi has cooled down. The danger zone has shrunk in radius. We are back to school and everything is running perfectly like normal. Everybody is going back to their home. That is the end of the disaster.

IS THIS TRUE, my dear friends? The DISASTER IS OVER?

Out of 400,000 people evacuated during the Merapi Eruption, 90% has gone home. Quite a promising figure. How about the remaining 10%? They are HOMELESS!

To date,  44,465 people are HOMELESS!

Their houses were destroyed during the disaster. Some were directly burnt by the projected magma (imagine a fireball strike your house). Some were ruined by the strong forces of lahar dingin (imagine a tsunami, not made by water, but mixture of gas, soil and rocks, swallowing your house as it passes by). Some villages were just simply buried under the ashes! Ground zero!

These victims are waiting for the local government to build shelter for them. And the construction process is going to take months. Frankly speaking, do you believe the local government has the financial ability to build shelters for forty thousand people?

I beg you, please, no mater where you come from:

Help us in the reconstruction process.

Help us to provide warmth and comfort to the victims.

Help us to bring some hope to the evacuees who stare into distance in uncertainty!

Paper bird- Hope wordpress

There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. ” – Woodrow Wilson

Donation Drive for PKPMI-CY Merapi Eruption Victims Funds

UGM Medical Faculty Volunteer Team in Collaboration with Malaysian Student Association (PKPMI-CY)

Please help to spread the need of humanitarian aid by sharing this post in your social network (Facebook, Twitter). Thanks.

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