To Give is to Care

When I visited the evacuation camp (Posko Maguwoharjo) , I noticed there is large excess of adult cloths. But there weren’t enough cloths for the younger ones. The logistic-in-charge there have informed us of their needs, which are commonly overlooked by the public donation. You can either contribute in the form of money or providing items for their daily needs.

List of logistic needed:

To provide warmth and comfort (the stadium is open air, very cold at night, especially during raining): Tikar (Mat), carpet, blanket

Toiletry: Soap, body shampoo, hair shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, towel

Cleaning: Cloths washing powder, brush, dish wash liquid

Food: biscuit, mineral water

Special food: baby milk for all ages, milk for elderly, milk for pregnant mothers

Footwear: Sandals of all sizes

Cloths: Undergarments for male /female, bra of all sizes, clothes for children & baby

Education: School stationery for children

Special need: Elderly diapers

Religion: Praying head-scarf (kain sembayang) for muslim women


(logistic post: more items are needed because the evacuation camp is expected to run for the next few months)

You are most welcome to contact me if you are willing to contribute in any forms.

We have also collaborated with Persatuan Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia Cawangan Yogyakarta (PKPMI-CY) to launch Donation Drive for the Merapi Victims.

Donation Drive for PKPMI-CY Merapi Eruption Victims Funds

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