You can HELP, I am SURE!

Currently there are about 45,000 Merapi Eruption victims staying in the evacuation camp, and 6000 of them are concentrated in the Main Evacuation Camp, Posko Maguwoharjo. Due to the prolonged period of disaster and slow recovery process, much of the voluntary work that peaked during the Eruption event has decreased significantly. I would like to grab this opportunity to tell you we need continuity in the voluntary work to help the recovery process.

Trust me, you are CAPABLE. Great things begin with small EFFORT. There are thousands ways you can CONTRIBUTE.

Be PROACTIVE, be the LEADER, to involve you and your peers in the humanity project.

YES, I am talking about YOU.

You are blessed with wonderful things in the world. You are willing to SHARE your fortune with the needy people. You are GENEROUS to provide WARMTH to the Merapi Victims who are shivering in cold and raining nights.

You have DECIDED to HELP. Time to make a MOVE.

Let’s START.

Here is a suggestion of what you can do as volunteers. Be creative and leave an IMPACT. You can make all the differences. BELIEVE in that.

1. Provide daily needs/ logistic for the evacuation camp. Here is the List of needed Items.

2. Fund raising for the victims

3. Cook for the evacuees. Don’t worry about cooking skill, you will guided there at the evacuation camp kitchen.

4. Pack rice for 6000 people, 3 times a day. Your helping hand really counts!

5. Be a teacher for the children at the Evacuation camp. Simple mathematics, language, drawing or even story telling.

6. Play with the children. Football, mini games, magic tricks or anything you can think of. Entertain them. Make them feel LOVED.

7. Interactive activities with the adults. Sewing class, chest competition, and so on. Some programmes are being arranged by UNY Mahasiswa post. They need volunteers to carry out the programme. Contact Pidi Winata (085643215534/ 081227227141) if interested.

8. Involve in the outdoor activities for the kids. It’s really boring at the evacuation camp. You can make their days Smile

9. Perform at the Entertainment Stage at night. No world-class artistic talents required. Audience guaranteed. Interested to get your first debut?

10. Talk with the victims. Console and comfort them. A great opportunity to improve your communication skills. Help to identify minor mental problems (eg depression, anxiety disorder) or potentially save a soul by preventing the idea of committing suicide. Be friends Smile

The list is very long and I just can’t list all of them here. The best way is for you to report to the Evacuation Camp. EXPERIENCE will tell you how you can help.


Thank you very much for reading this article. We would appreciate if you can share (Facebook, twitter) this words with your friends.

Donation Drive for PKPMI-CY Merapi Eruption Victims Funds

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