Sex Manual: Improve your intimacy with an Umbrella

Sex is good. Sex is wonderful. Sex is one of the most sought thing in the world.

Such exciting and pleasurable activity also comes with a risk.

A risk so great that it might destroy intimacy and ruin the relationship.

Nevertheless, it is not the End of The World.  Life still goes on. Some other people won’t even know that we have contracted the “risk”. Many still lead a normal life, with minimal disturbance on the society and career. Some are lucky enough to live up to the normal expectancy life-span.

We can still kiss. No problem in sharing food. We have no fear to hug. We are capable to love, and being loved.

It’s just that… we have a few little regrets…

We cannot donate blood to our loves when they bleed…

We have to take drugs regularly to prevent worsening of the condition…

We are constantly in fear that others might stigmatize us, viewing us as the untouchable…

If we know the protection measure earlier, we wouldn’t have to go through all this!

500x300 world aids day

Therefore, on the very special occasion of World AIDS Day, I would like to promote to you to use condom during sexual activity to prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted disease.


And regarding the Umbrella, this is how you use it.

DSC00117 copy

“Sediakan payung sebelum Hujan”

(A malay proverb: prepare your umbrella before it rains!)

Reference: Word AIDS Day 2010

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2 Responses to Sex Manual: Improve your intimacy with an Umbrella

  1. Fatin says:

    there is one time back in msia,they had a machine for condom and distibution of condom for free,but they were afraid about condom being misused by the teenager,so they stopped doing it. I think we shall do such campaign because i believe prevention is better than curation.

    • hepisol says:

      Seeing from the news reports about unwanted babies and survey about the rate of premarital sex, I think it is time for the authority to intervene. It is extremely difficult to control the people’s behavior, so a harm reduction action should be considered. Sex education about safe sex and knowledge about HIV and sexually transmitted disease are probably already in the task list of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. The question is how to deliver such information in a culturally acceptable manner.

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