A Note to Block Coordinator 4.2

I have created this blog as a fulfilment of the Contract  for Block 4.2 thanks to Prof. Dr. Laksono. The main objective is to stimulate the student to write down opinion regarding the topics they have learn in Health System and Disaster Mangement. From the student perspective, I think writing blog is a brilliant idea to enhance understanding and application of the knowledge I learn in this block. It is an innovation from the Educator to stimulate learning process other than the usually-plain-and-boring lecture notes. I like it!

It is very easy to create a blog. Just go to Blogger.com or WordPress.com, fill in the necessary personal information, then a blog site is born. From this portal in the virtual network, we are able to communicate with the world. However, what is more difficult is to maintain the blog regularly. Writing a blog post requires initial research on the selected topic, brainstorming for the interesting points, mental processing (very time and energy consuming) to write down the words, adding some photos and links to make it interesting and JENG JENG, I would finally press the “Publish” button happily with much satisfaction.

After posting a few passage, it gets a bit annoying when nobody is reading my blog. For the hours and efforts I spent in crafting my blog post, and NOBODY is reading it? Motivation drops to zero. For a masterpiece that consumes at least 100 hours to complete, it will be a waste if Prof. Dr. Laksono is the only person reading it during the “judgement day”. Such a beauty should be shared with the world (…too exaggerative..), or at least with my peers in UGM medical school. Thus I did a little publicity at the Facebook network.

During the course of the block curriculum, it is unfortunate, yet fortunate that we experienced the Merapi eruption. The event is unfortunate because it has brought much harm to the the surrounding including lives losses and property damage. From the other perspective, I am thankful that I am safe, and I am able to grasp a stronger understanding from the lectures as they are immediately relevant.

Inspired by dr. Bambang Hasta Yoga during his lecture about “Disaster Management in Mental Health”, I took the initiative to organize a visit with my fellow classmates to Posko Maguwoharjo. I was truly touched by the amount of help people are willing to offer at the evacuation camp. There are many posts that offer education, social activities, logistic, medical aid and etc. The experience of seeing spirits of humanity gathered under one roof is really unforgettable.

I feel like helping. There must be something that I can do. Perhaps a little effort can bring a big change to the victims’ lives. I thought maybe I can utilize my current health blog to gather support to help the victims. Thus, with collaboration with the Malaysian Student Association, I launched an online donation drive to get funds for the Merapi Victims.

Donation Drive for PKPMI-CY Merapi Eruption Victims Funds

The effort was well supported. We managed to collect about 2.5 million rupiah from our family and friends. The money will be used to provide daily needs to the victims. I am truly happy to be part of the Merapi Relief effort. With fulfilment of the physical needs, hopefully the victims can overcome their mental trauma with much ease.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that the blogging experience is a fruitful one. I will continue blogging even after finishing this block because I see this as a good channel to educate the general people about health and its related issues. I would highly recommend the block coordinators to continue the implementation of the blog contract for the following batch for the benefits of better understanding, better application and sharing of knowledge to the world.

Written by,


Chin Jian Wei (07/251669/KU/12260)

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