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Malaria Risk in Indonesia

Before studying in Indonesia, I used to have the impression that the mosquito (Anopheles gambiae) that transmits Malaria live in every single part of Indonesia. It did make me worried for some time until my senior clarified to me that … Continue reading

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Sex Manual: Improve your intimacy with an Umbrella

Sex is good. Sex is wonderful. Sex is one of the most sought thing in the world. Such exciting and pleasurable activity also comes with a risk. A risk so great that it might destroy intimacy and ruin the relationship. … Continue reading

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Psychological Problems at Merapi Evacuation Camp

A natural disaster not only causes physical damage to lives and properties, it also leaves a mark in the mental stage of the affected. Due to less obvious nature of the psychological symptoms, many of these go unnoticed, in great … Continue reading

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Mass Disaster Victim Identification

Yesterday I have received a lecture about the victim identification during the Merapi Eruption, 2010 and Garuda Plane crash, 2007. It was an eye-opening lecture as the lecturer revealed the details during the case management. The volcano eruption took away … Continue reading

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Dear Indonesia

Sometimes I ask, why does Indonesia has to suffer so much of natural disasters? The recent Mt. Merapi eruption has displaced 400,000 people into temporary shelter and killed nearly 300. The tsunami at Mentawai has killed thousands and the number … Continue reading

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How to Attract Doctors to Work in Remote Area of Indonesia

We have very much know that fact that most of the doctors and specialists prefer to work in the urban area, especially in Jakarta. There is higher salary (if working in private hospitals) and better lifestyle (more entertainment like shopping … Continue reading

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Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

Sometimes I wonder: do the doctors, pharmacists and nurses view their profession as their own entity, or as a collective group as Health Workers? I think this perception is elemental in shaping the working culture in the health industry. Do … Continue reading

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